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Mr. Barry Doss, 615-666-2199

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About U.S. Electoral College: http://www.archives.gov/federal-register/electoral-college/electors.html


Our Representatives

US Senate

Bob Corker (R)


Lamar Alexander (R)


US House of Rep. 6 Dist.

Diane Black (R)


TN State Senator

Mae Beavers (R)


TN House of Rep. 38 Dist.

Kelly Keisling (R)


Macon County website:

Mayor Steve Jones

201 County Courthouse

Lafayette, TN  37083


Lafayette website:

Mayor Richard Driver


Red Boiling Springs website:

Mayor Tom Fultz



Macon County Sheriff's Office
902 Hwy 52 Bypass East
Lafayette, TN 37083
666-3325 (Voice)
666-4046 (Voice)
Dial 9-1-1 in an emergency
666-6909 (Fax)
Tip Hotline: 666-3325 (Voice)


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GOP Office



420 Hwy. 52 By Pass West

Lafayette, TN 37083 US

Tel:  615-633-1731


TN Republican Party:  http://tngop.org/

Macon GOP Contacts

Email GOP:  macontngop@hushmail.com

·         Macon County GOP Chairman: Allen Douglas

·         Macon County GOP Vice Chair: Dennis Wright

·         Macon County Women GOP Chairman:  Lallie Douglas

·         Secretary : L. Wright

·         Treasurer: B. Barton

·         Vice Treasurer: C. Barton

·         Web Page – Email the Web person


Macon GOP Events

For questions or further information contact Allen Douglas, Chairman, at 678-371-5079.


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http://www.amac.us/   (Organization for Retired and/or Mature Persons)

Not Main Stream Media News:  http://censored.news/

www.hushmail.com (Possible FREE Canadian email service)

http://getyourcare.org/,  267 Pro-Life Clinics Alternatives to Planned Parenthood.


Webmaster’s Movie Picks (Click Here to see previous Movie Picks)

Following are “movie windows” looking into the “Economic Collapses” deliberately created to devastate people:


Enron:  The Smartest Guys in the Room.  A documentary about the Enron Corp., its faculty and corrupt business practices, and how they led to its fall.


Inside Job:  Matt Damon takes us into Wall Street fraud and scam which brought about the 2008 financial meltdown.  Matt Damon’s career suffered a set-back for making this movie.

Madoff:  The rise and fall of Bernie Madoff, whose Ponzi scheme lured and bilked $65 Billion from unsuspecting victims; the largest fraud in US history.

Margin Call:  Follows the key people at an investment bank, over a 24-hour period, during the early stages of the 2008 financial crisis.

Money Monster:

A surprisingly good movie by George Clooney.  Clooney was perfect as the slimy stock pusher on TV, which lead to a blue collar man losing huge sum of money.  This movie shows how lawless and dirty the Wall Street financial businesses can be.


The Big Short:   Only a few Wall Street game players saw and gamed the Busting of the Bubble created by Clinton Era’s easy subprime variable housing loan practice and the subsequent packaged Mortgage Back Security sold to all over the world.


Too Big To Fail:  Chronicles the financial “meltdown” of 2008 and centers on Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.


Wolves on Wall Street:  The movie shows the incredible lawless & abusive con games used by heartless Wall Street stock-pushers on regular people and laugh about it.


These Money Mongers’ Possible Solution to the problems they deliberately created? 

War, trigger “Economic Collapse”, or ….?

Wag The Dog:  Shortly before an election, a spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer join efforts to fabricate a War in order to cover up a presidential sex scandal and “solve” all other problems.

The Fifth Wave:  Different ways “aliens” try to destroy the world.

 Interesting News

Crime Against The Innocent: 

v  Retired Capt. Marquez claims the atrocity and borderline treason at the hands of Obama, caused Chinook helicopter crashed and killed 38 soldiers in Afghanistan.  

v  Glenn Beck on O’Reilly ousting:  George Soros-funded Media Matters pressure advertisers to boycott “The O’Reilly Factor.”

v  NYPD Boss Alberto Randazzo Jailed For 28 Years In Elite Pedophile Ring Sting.

v  Black Lives Matter leader Charles Wade charged with sex trafficking.

v  Tip of the iceberg, 29 Muslims charged with horrific children sex trafficking and rape crimes against 18 children in England.

v  UN Troops Lured Kids Into Haiti Sex Ring, Reported by AP.

v  NBC News: Hillary Clinton May Have Killed Investigations into Pedophile Ring at State Dept.

v  Owner of underage sex trafficking & prostitution Backpage.com has given contributions to a number of Democratic politicians.

v  Why is Media Hiding The Latest Elementary School Shooting by a Black Man With An AR-15 Rifle?  3 Dead, Including the Shooter.

v  New Book indicated that Hillary's super witchiness helped doom her campaign.

v  Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo. wrote book about “Washington is a Swamp,” “Play the Game–Or Else.”


National & International News:

v  FBI Investigating Radical Terrorists in All 50 States as Threats Hit Peak.

v  VP Pence warned North Korea that the "era of strategic patience is over".

v  Trump Juggles Foreign Policy Balls Obama Dropped.

v  Ex-Obama officials start to admit Obama ‘left a more dangerous world’.

v  Russia’s New North Pole Nuke Base: “Moscow Is Putting Down A Serious Military Marker… Seeks To Claim Oil and Gas Reserves”.

v  Fox News:  Obama had stopped the process of clearing 4 million dead people from US voter rolls.

v  Judicial Watch Threatens to Sue 11 States With More Registered Than Eligible Voters.

v  ‘Skype Seats’ Make White House Press Briefing More Accessible.

v  Maxine Waters’s daughter has been paid over $600K by her mother since 2006, working for her mother's campaign committee, Citizens for Waters.

v  Soros-Funded Group Chaired By Elizabeth Warren’s Daughter Fighting Voter Integrity Lawsuits.


Guns, Riots, Violence Related News:

v  Georgia computers needed to check in voters on Election Day stolen before the special election in Georgia.

v  Socialist Venezuelan Leader Steps Up Arming of Supporters, After Outlawing, Confiscating Civilian Guns.

v  Judicial Watch Files Suit Seeking ATF Records on Attempted Ammo Ban.

v  40+ assorted anarchists, Brown Berets, Leftist “Phoenix John Brown Gun Club” members demonstrated with weapons in the State Capitol Phoenix.

v  Left Prepares For War After Berkeley Beat Down: “Combat Training, Better Equipment, Guns…”

v  Marines Call US Help Desk in The Middle of A Firefight To Fix Gun.  Told to pound down the ears with the bolt carrier of the rifle, and it worked !!

v  Entire Family SHOOTS Armed Home Invader.  Invader died.

v  FBI ran 27.5 million gun-related background checks in 2016, 4.4 million more than any other year on record.

v  List of More Than 70 Liberal Groups Partnered for Anti-Trump Tax Day Protests.


Money & Economy News:

v  June 1st, 2017 the Treasury Department will have exhausted ways to get creative with paying Nation’s bills.  Both Parties to blame Trump  for the last 30 years of mismanaging the country’s finances.

v  The Empire will strike back in 2017 with an orchestrated, apocalyptic market crash to try to destroy Trump.

v  Peter Schiff Warns: “Nothing Has Changed Under Trump… We’re Headed For A Major Crisis”.

v  Obama took $260 Billion away from Fannie and Freddie - housing for the middle class, to save Obamacare.

v  Taxpayer USAID funds Soros’s Open Society worldwide.  Which is being used to attack President Trump, Capitalism, and Traditional Family structure.

v  Sanctuary cities receive over $27 billion each year from the federal government.

v  Repeal of Obamacare Could Lead to $1.07 Trillion in Net Deficit Reduction.

v  "Economic Depression is Carefully Engineered by Central Bankers.

v  U.S. 247 trillion in global Derivatives Debt (Wall Street Casino) on the verge of unraveling.

v  Former top Wall Street executive, now White House economic adviser speaks favorably of proposals to bring back a new version of Glass-Steagall Act.


Health & Prepper News:

v  Keep on prepping.  Artificially created “Global Debt” Bubble might be dumped on Trump’s laps.

v  Silicon Valley billionaires buy underground bunkers preparing for the apocalypse.

v  Collapse.news publishes comprehensive list of REAL assets that hold their value through nuclear war, social chaos or global debt collapse.

v  GOP Senators Introduce Bill to Stop Deadly Flow of Fentanyl strongest synthetic opiates From China.

v  Drug overdose deaths now kill more Americans every year than the entire Vietnam War… after Democrats refused to protect the border from drug cartels.

v  Mexican drug cartels driving 90 to 94 % heroin consumption in the United States.

v  “Long-term cell phone use may increase the risk of brain cancer and other health problems” and admits that “cell phone EMFs can affect nearby cells and tissues.

v  Countless teenage girls suffer paralysis, blood clots, brain damage and chronic pain from force-vaccination of Gardasil’s HPV “shot in the dark”.

v  VAXXED: CDC Study Shows Link Between MMR Vaccine and Autism.

v  Florida Advances Bill That Would Require Drug Offenders to Pass Drug Test for Welfare.

v  Big Pharma gets away with selling crystal meth to children: By renaming it ‘Adderall’.

v  Monsanto, Bayer and the Push for Corporate Cannabis (aka Pot), GMO style.


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·         Collapse.news publishes comprehensive list of REAL assets that hold their value through nuclear war, social chaos or global debt collapse.

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